Q & R: four stages of faith


I heard you speak on the 4 levels of faith which I found very helpful. I asked you after if you had the power point and you said it’s on your website. I cannot find it I would love to refresh myself in what said and I am a visual person so I would find it helpful. Do you still have it even if you have it in word format that would help.

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R: I briefly outlined the four stages in a book called A Search for What Makes Sense, in a chapter called “How Does Faith Grow?”
I’ll share another way of seeing stages of faith in my upcoming book, and I plan to return to the four stages model in the book I’m working on after that, tentatively entitled “Twelve Simple Words.” I also hope we can put this material in a DVD format at some point. But in the meantime, you should be able to download the slides here in the next few days. Thanks for your interest!