Q & R: Finding a hospitable church?

Here’s the Q:

I have been having a difficult time finding a church that I can feel comfortable with.
Having grown up Catholic and totally rejecting that, I don’t feel comfortable in Baptist or other biblical “fundamental” churches. Reading on Beliefnet.com and taking a few surveys resulted in my being led to your information and that I most probably think in line with your ideas.
Do you know of anywhere in the Fort Smith/Van Buren Arkansas area where
there is a community of fellow believers that I could connect with that seem to be in agreement with your thoughts?

Here’s the R:

I wish there was a resource for church seekers like you … but if there is, I’m not aware of it. My recommendation would be that you contact a church and simply say, “I’m a Christian seeking a church home. I appreciate authors like x, y, and z. Do you think your church would be a good fit, or could you recommend one?” I wish I could offer more – but that’s a start!