Q & R: Europe? Australia?

Here’s the Q:

Hi I have been reading your books avidly since I was introduced to them, and have been recommending them to as many as possible. You have helped me greatly in clarifying questions and issues affecting us today. I was wondering if your plans for a book tour included Europe, with a name like McLaren, there must be some Irish blood there and I am sure you would have a very warm welcome both in Ireland (where I live) and the UK! best wishes

Here’s the R:
I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my books. And thanks for recommending them too. With the release of Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? this fall, I’ll be touring the US and then the UK. I’ll post details for both tours here on the site soon – but in short, I’ll be doing a US tour September 11 – October 19, and then a UK tour November 27 – Dec. 6.
I’ll be in Australia in February 2013, and plans are in process for some time in Europe and New Zealand in 2013-2014. You can always check my schedule here: