Q & R: End Times? Armageddon?

Here’s the Q:

I had an almost heated discussion with my book club during a recent dinner.  It had to do with the perceived deterioration in our culture.  I recalled from one of your books the argument being made that the world/culture cannot be saved by God, but can only be “flushed.”  Instead, you made the case that the arc of history is still heading toward consummation and completion.  I agree with that view, that to resort to having confidence only in Armageddon diminishes God’s power and/or plan.  I too almost need to believe that despite what may currently appear to be a “downward spiral” as was mentioned at our dinner, that God is sovereign, his plans cannot be thwarted, and that he is not overwhelmed by what even he may see as the moral decay most of us would acknowledge.
Can you point me in the right direction, or amplify your thoughts on the subject?
Here’s the R:
Huge question!
A few places where I write about this …
A New Kind of Christianity – the 10th question (last chapters)
We Make the Road By Walking (the last few chapters)
Secret Message of Jesus
I’d also encourage you to read A Farewell to Mars and Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God by Brian Zahnd.
As you say, we have lots of downward spiral at work. Trump is a disaster (one of his favorite words) and the uncritical, cult-like support for him by the GOP is disgusting (another of his favorite words). But as bad as these things are, we’ve been through worse. We need to keep perspective.  For that perspective, check out Rob Bell’s podcast, Episode 201, here: https://robbell.com/portfolio/robcast/