Q & R: Discussion Guide for Naked Spirituality

Here’s the Q:

I have read Naked Spirituality and thought it confirmed so much of what I already knew. Great! Thank you! So I have persuaded our housegroups leaders that we will study it next year. However, I thought that there were study questions and ideas on your website and I seem unable to find them. Rather than reinventing the wheel, it would be great to use questions that you have already thought of and found to be beneficial. Could you direct me to the link, or alternatively, is there some other place that I could find a study guide for the book. Or do you fancy writing one if not!!

Here’s the R:
I’ve been hearing about so many churches, classes, and groups using the book … that’s encouraging to hear!
The good news is that there’s already a discussion guide included, right after the endnotes, pages 271 – 280. The bad news is that the guide was easy to miss!
I think you’ll find it helpful. God bless!