Q & R: Direct, grassroots action

Here’s the Q:

Hi Brian: Can’t find a way to direct message so I’ll post. Really loved your last book “Why Did Jesus, Moses, The Buddha and Mohammed…” …a very important book for the current time, thank you. As a reasonably accomplished businessperson, entrepreneur and engineer starting to look for a way to make more of a difference during the remainder of my career, I’m curious- do you have any recommendations regarding concrete, effective actions (via existing organizations or starting a new one to fill unmet needs) that would pursue, beyond my personal circle, the general objectives of the book? My interests would lie more in direct/grassroot action rather than education or advocacy. Thanks.

Here’s the R:
I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, and even more glad you’re inspired to get involved.
You could begin by exploring organizations like Interfaith Youth Core, FaithHouse Manhattan, Peace Catalyst, and Abrahamic Alliance.
These organizations would give you good opportunities for grass-roots action. But the line between action and education/advocacy isn’t very thick – and really, one of the most important kinds of grass-roots action is education and advocacy. A short-term option in that regard – try starting a group to discuss the book. You’ll find a leader/reader group study guide here: http://brianmclaren.net/archives/books/brians-books/why-did-jesus-moses-the-buddha-a.html