Q & R: Bonhoeffer and “religionless Christianity”

Here’s the Q:

I am writing a paper for masters of divinity class, on the Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “religionless Christianity” discussions from his prison letters. Do you believe Bonhoeffer’s thoughts are being worked out in the emerging church movement. If you have written regarding this, where would I look?

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I may have mentioned “religionless Christianity” in my writings a time or two, but I haven’t written extensively on it, mostly because I find the phrase intriguing, but wish I knew more of what Bonhoeffer meant by it!
As you know, “the emerging church movement” is very diverse and maybe more of a conversation than a movement, so I’m quite certain many folks associated with things emerging wouldn’t know much about Bonhoeffer, and others of us would be deeply interested in him and in this intriguing concept, and would see ourselves as trying to work it out in practice.
Among my friends, the person who has impressed me as especially thoughtful about “religionless Christianity” is Peter Rollins. You can learn more about him here. Maybe you’ll send me your paper when it’s finished – I’d love to learn from your research!