Q & R: Another Roman Catholic (priest) asks …

Here’s the Q:

My name is xxx I am a Catholic priest and I love your writings. Your latest book is deeply moving. I have not finished it yet but the chapters on Election and the Trinity have been particularly important to me. I am wondering if you know of any type of (intentional) communities being formed that put these principles into practice. I know each church, each denomination can bring these practices to bear in their way of life but I’m wondering if any people have come together to live an intentional kind of life–community living, prayer life, outreach/mission–based on the principles and vision you have been expressing. I look forward to hearing from you if your time permits.

Here’s the R:
Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I’m deeply hopeful that in the years ahead, Catholics and Protestants will be much more engaged in important, grass-roots dialogue, and even more, in new joint experiments in Christian thought, life, and ministry. So your question warms my heart!
There are many of these experiments emerging. Here are a few you should know about for starters:
Faithhouse Manhattan
New Monasticism
Claremont School of Theology
Project Interfaith
Interfaith Youth Core
Camden House