Q & R: A sequel?

Here’s the Q:

Dear Brian
Many of your books have impacted my life for good, especially Everything Must Change. The book was published in 2007. Is there any way to get updates on the chilling statistics on the prosperity, security and equity systems you catalogued? Have wealthy benefactors like Bill Gates made a difference? It would be wonderful if you could write a sequel to Everything Must Change.
Sincerely, and with thanks for the difference you have made in my life.

Here’s the R:
Thanks so much for this question, and these encouraging words. Someone recently tweeted that my books seem about 15 years ahead of their time … I would love the chance to update EMC with current statistics. Alas, this is a decision made by publishers and is (at this point) out of my hand. It’s very gratifying to see Bernie Sanders and many others addressing issues that fewer people were willing to listen to back in 2007.
My book that will be out in September, The Great Spiritual Migration, will in many ways address the positive question of “how do we change?” that flows from EMC.