Q & R: a gay mom

Here’s the Q:

A friend of mine just forwarded me one of your responses to an individual “breaking ties” with you. My mother recently came out after 39 years of what I thought to be happy marriage to my father. Although my family scenario is a bit different because it involved a marriage, children, and grandchildren, it is obvious to me that Jesus still loves my mom deeply. What resources do you recommend I read to learn more about what the Bible truly has to teach on this topic? Although I can go back and study the Bible on my own, I find it difficult to do without letting the ignorant bias of previous teachings guide my thoughts. Any help is greatly appreciated, and will hopefully help in this new truth my family is trying to live.

Here’s the R:
Your mom is blessed to have you in the family … as is your family. If you go to the top right of the homepage for this site, you’ll the search box. If you type in “homosexuality” you’ll find a lot of resources that I’ve recommended over the last few years, and hopefully, some additional information that will be helpful. Millions of families are learning to understand “this new truth” in their family system – and having compassionate and open-hearted people like you makes a big difference.