Q & R: A curriculum of love for my church?

Here’s the Q:

I feel called to help my church move to a curriculum of Love after reading the latest book, The Great Spiritual Migration. Is it possible for Brian to open an online discussion where people could propose sermon topics and we could do-develop them with Brian’s guidance? My lead pastor does not understand how we would implement Brian’s ideas for a wide variety of age groups and experiences. I see some sermon suggestions for other books on this site, but we need some for the School of Love as soon as possible so it doesn’t just remain an idea that is too difficult to carry out.

Here’s the R:

Thanks for your interest. For starters, I recommend you check out my book We Make the Road by Walking. It is a year-long curriculum for a congregation, a small group, a youth group, or a new church planting venture. People are developing all kinds of additional resources too – from youth curricula to kids’ curricula. You’ll find lots of links here.

Here’s a link to John Stonecypher’s amazing kids and youth curriculum.

The book/curriculum gives you a fresh overview of the whole Bible – which also provides a fresh overview of the Christian faith, from the perspective of “a curriculum of love.” Again, you’ll find links to resources here.