please don’t forget the Congo!

It’s terrible to think about a race for the most tragic place on earth, but Darfur in Sudan and Eastern Congo are surely among the front runners. Here’s a sobering summary of the horror taking place there … And here is a prayer we all can share:

Almighty God, your eye is on the sparrow who falls, and you care for every girl and woman being victimized by violent men in Eastern Congo. You care for every peace-loving child and adult who have no part in the violence there, but whose lives are dominated by it every day. God of justice, stop those who in a lust for money and power rape the land for coltan and gold and diamonds. And stop those who in a lust for domination and and aggression rape women and girls. And help us who live far from their horrors to know how to collaborate on behalf of our brothers and sisters, and may your kingdom of shalom replace the anarchy and fear that reign there now. Guide the leaders of nations to intervene appropriately so they can bring all appropriate means to bear on behalf of the people of Congo. We ask it in the name of the one who suffered for all. Amen.

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