Phyllis Tickle: You are loved!

The news became public today: Phyllis Tickle is writing her final chapter. You can read about it in this poignant and pitch-perfect RNS piece:
For all of us who know and love Phyllis, this is an emotional time. She’s become a kind of patron saint and elder for all of us associated with “Emergence Christianity” (which Phyllis christened) and a whole array of inter-connected communities like the Wild Goose Festival. She has (in Diana Butler Bass’s unforgettable terms) provided a needed alternative to “ignorance on fire” and “intelligence on ice.” “Intelligence on fire” captures her spirit pretty darn well. If I could summarize her message in a single sentence, it would be, “The Christian faith is pregnant.”
She’s been given a prognosis of several months … and my hope is that every minute of these months will be enriched with the knowledge of how beloved and appreciated and cherished and honored she is for so many of us. The good people of the Wild Goose Festival have put up a tribute page where messages of gratitude and love can be shared. You can add your celebrations of a beautiful, fruitful, joyful, generous life here: