Peace is the Way

Preaching Peace – Nov. 2-4 in Santa Fe.
I’ve been a fan and beneficiary of Preaching Peace for some years. Sadly, there isn’t a long list of conferences or organizations dedicated to getting a hearing for Jesus’ message of peace, or to helping us understand the roots (including religious roots) of violence. Thankfully – that’s what Preaching Peace is about.
I was happy to sign on as a speaker for this November’s meeting, but was also concerned when I saw the organizers hadn’t attended sufficiently to the need for racial diversity among speakers. I was pleased to see their response (, and immediately offered to give up my main speaking slot for a person of color. I still look forward to attending (to listen and learn, especially from the people of color who will speak) and leading a workshop … and I hope you will come too. Information here:
The organizers have offered my friends (including you!) a discount price ($345) if you use this code when you register: MCL00010
I wrote in my newest book, The Great Spiritual Migration, that I’m worried about something worse than Christianity dying, namely, Christianity killing. The resurgence of a violent stream of white nationalist Christianism should be of great concern to all of us, which makes this year’s conference all the more urgent. I hope you’ll come.