One person (you) can make a difference …

Several years ago I got to know a young wildlife biologist named Cynthia Bauer. She was in Kenya doing research on a rare mammal and noticed the plight of kids with disabilities there.
In many places in Africa, folks believe these special children are cursed by God, which prompts some parents to keep their children hidden, abandon them, divorce each other because they believe their spouse caused the disability, or even kill the child at birth. Culturally, many people still do not perceive that their child can be anything else but a beggar. As a direct result of this stigma, it has been estimated that only 10 percent of people with disabilities in Kenya ever have the opportunity to receive an education.
Cynthia kept thinking that someone should do something for these kids and then it dawned on her: she was someone!
So … she started Kupenda (swahili for “to love”),a nonprofit organization that exists to meet the needs of children in Africa (starting in Kenya) with disabilities. Kupenda provides advocacy, specialized education, and medical intervention for kids with special needs so they will feel that they are loved and accepted. Because Kupenda is an expression of Cynthia’s open and incarnational Christian faith, the organization doesn’t discriminate between Christians, Muslims, or others, but treats everyone with the same love …
Currently Kupenda for the Children supports approximately 600 children with disabilities on the coast of Kenya in the Malindi District. Children who once couldn’t even crawl are now walking, some are going to college, others have gained skills contributing to the job market and most of all children are receiving and reflecting a beautiful God filled love. However there are estimated to be up to one thousand children in this district that are still in need of the services Kupenda offers.
Maybe you’re just discovering that you’re a “someone” who could make a difference, and you’ve been looking for a place to focus your efforts. I know Cynthia and her team could use your help. You can learn more at
What a pleasure it is for me to get to know people like Cynthia … normal folks who express the love of God in doable, practical, and creative ways … and make a difference.