on evangelism

A reader of More Ready Than You Realize writes …

I just finished reading your book on evangelism. It is as if you had read my mind regarding my questions about evangelism. Your perspective sounds similar to my definition of evangelism: “An ongoing conversation with the world about Jesus.” Because that definition “came” to me one day, I chalk it up to divine inspiration. Your conversational approach (my term in case it’s not accurate) to evangelism makes so much sense to me. It seems that those packaged approaches are designed to alleviate our anxiety and to spare us the need to delve deeply into what we believe and how it speaks to our behaviors. As a professional counselor, I like the idea of listening first, second and third, then responding–but not in a way that will tend to cut off discussion.

I’m working on my next book [updated] (Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World [Sept 2012]) and just finished a chapter called “The New Evangelism,” which builds on More Ready Than You Realize. An important subject in a world in need of good news of hope, reconciliation, and peace!