Occupy Pentecostalism!

Let us plea the Holy Spirit for wisdom in how and what to speak in order to promote peace and justice in our dying world, without loosing our Christian and Pentecostal identity. May the Holy Spirit convince us that dialogue is better than argument and love covers all, even the differences!
Let us ask the Holy Spirit to give us the eyes to see the reality of our world: the rise of wars and genocides, the growing gap between the poor and the rich, gender inequality, racism, increasing diseases in various parts of the world where Pentecostalism is growing. May the God of Pentecost give us the wisdom the knowledge and the tools to become messengers of light in our communities.
As Pentecostals who hunger for peace and justice, let us join hands, and once again occupy Pentecostalism. Let us free Pentecostalism from the hands of false teachers, doctrines and practices. Let us occupy Pentecostalism and free it from self-enriching prophets of doom and gloom! Let us occupy Pentecostalism and free this beautiful movement from the hands of those who have highjacked its values and believes. Let us occupy and be occupied by the Holy Spirit! (Samuel Lee)

My friend Sam Lee gets it right … here:
And not only Pentecostals will enjoy his book … I think Samuel’s voice needs to be heard by the Christian community at large.
My upcoming book is highly resonant with many of Sam’s insights …