Note from a Neo-Pagan, Q & R re Spanish edition

A reader writes:

I am a student of yyy College in zzz. and have just finished reading your book, ” A new kind of Christianity” for my Religious Studies class. Although I am a Neo-Pagan, my mother is a long time Christian. I am witnessing her becoming displaced from the church because her belief system is changing through life experiences. I don’t think my mom will ever drop the Christian God from her life, but I do think your book might offer her a new way of thinking about her relationship with religion and God. The problem is that she is a Spanish speaker and I can’t seem to find a Spanish version of your book anywhere. Do you know where I might order one from?
On another note, I am really enjoying researching your book. You really do make the orthodox establishment raging mad! I know this is not your intention, but I personally love your take on Christianity. I would not go back if you paid me, but I know lots of people( like my mom) are really hurting because they crave a new way to approach their God without fear of “the constitution”. Good book.

Thanks for your note. Your mom is blessed to have a compassionate child like you!
I wish that a Spanish translation of New Kind of Christianity were available, but it’s not. So far, only two of my books are available in Spanish – Mas Preparado de Lo Que Piensas (Kairos), and El Mensaje Secreto de Jesus (Nelson). I hope more will be translated in the future….
I think your mom would enjoy both of these books. And here’s an idea about New Kind of Christianity: maybe you could sit down with her and share some of the ideas from the book that you think might be helpful to her. If that happens, let me know how it goes, OK? Thanks again for writing.