New Children’s Book – on sale now! Also – adult companion book


Friends –
The past couple of years have been a huge struggle for many people, as the world has seemed to turn toward its shadow: divisive, aggressive, selfish, fearful, and short-sighted.
It seemed like we were making forward progress – toward expanded understandings of human and civil rights, toward wider inclusion of voices previously silenced, towards creativity and compassion in the public square. But now… did we slam on the brakes? Have we thrown our culture into reverse?
It might seem like it’s panic time, or a time to give up, or to surrender to rage. But that’s how we become what we’re resisting. Instead, my friend Irish writer and master storyteller Gareth Higgins and I, along with award-winning illustrator Heather Lynn Harris, have been conspiring about a way forward that is creative, constructive, truly life-giving.
There are three things we hope you’ll take to heart:
First, that amidst all of this struggle, suffering and lament, there is a great possibility in this moment.
Second, if we want to change politics, religion, education, entertainment, economics or science, then we need to change the stories that define what’s possible and how things work.
Finally, with those new stories, no matter who occupies positions of public authority, we can each claim the power and ability to transform our corner of the world for the better.
To help carry this message, we’ve written two books – one especially for children, and one for us grown-ups. They will help you and children you love identify and replace six stories of fear, harm and violence that typically frame our lives – and our politics.
They will also help you step into a seventh story that allows us to reclaim hope and power and possibility, to transform the world for the better.
It may sound crazy, but I’ve never been more convinced of an idea’s power to change the world for the better … to undo the disempowerment and pain, and to include all of us, together.
The Children’s Book is called Cory and the Seventh Story. 
You can pre-purchase the book here (for delivery before Christmas):
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The adult companion ebook is called The Seventh Story: Us, Them and the End of Violence.
You can pre-purchase the ebook here (for delivery before Christmas):
And you can learn more here:
For a limited time, anyone who pre-orders the children’s book will receive the ebook free of charge.
I hope you’ll pre-order these two books at I know they will encourage and inspire you in these challenging, important times.
With love,