Naked Spirituality … why it needs a warning label

I just received this note from someone who is reading Naked Spirituality:

I am currently reading Brian’s book, Naked Spirituality. I keep experiencing some diabolical problems with this book:
1. I keep tearing up – it slows my reading immensely.
2. I have to put the book down and ponder it — again, slows my consumption.
3. The book is causing questions to arise – I have to pause to ponder these.
4. There is uncanny practical application to my life – at this juncture – as well as my future plans.
5. The book is making deposits in my life – at a time when I found myself overdrawn.
6. I think the book is rearranging some spiritual/behavioral DNA for me in a new — and yet-to-be understood configuration.
7. Brian’s dance with language is enchanting – again – slows the pace of my reading.
This book is dangerous – you should have put a warning label on it – or provided a packet of Kleenex. Yet, it’s also an incredibly beautiful, heartfelt invitation to become something more – vastly more — an invitation I distinctly appreciate at this time.