Naked Spirituality during Holy Week

A reader writes …

Just a quick note to let you know how much I am appreciating Naked Spirituality. Just completed the “sorry” chapters, which I am finding helpful to reflect on during this holy week. You offer great encouragement to become more transparent with God and others about who we truly are and where we struggle individually, as a church, as a nation. Spent some time this morning reflecting on the picture you painted of Jesus in the garden, and his willingness to love and serve others unconditionally, knowing that suffering and death awaited. How naturally it is for us to take the path of least resistance — such a struggle each day for me I find, so I found these chapters also an encouragement to stay on that narrow road that leads to abundant life.
Thanks — looking forward to reading more of NS and reflecting on it.

I’m so glad to know the book is meeting a need. The theme of nakedness hits especially strong as we move through Maundy Thursday, where Jesus reaches a moment of emotional nakedness … to Good Friday, where (as I explain in the book) he was stripped three times. The power of it all goes quickly beyond all words.