My Thoughts on the Storming of the US Capitol

By teaching their members to submit to strong-men leaders like Trump, even associating God’s favor and sovereignty with their dominating tendencies, these Christian leaders have whitewashed Trump’s authoritarianism with moral legitimacy. By teaching uncritical obedience (often by quoting Romans 13:1-4 and ignoring Romans 12:1-2), by prophesying divine favor, by shaming and demonizing opponents and by pardoning or minimizing Trump’s offenses, these Christian leaders have domesticated and groomed adherents so they can be deployed as loyal and adoring subjects in Trump’s service.

That’s why in video footage from this week’s insurrection attempt at the US Capitol (which was coordinated with similar displays at some state capitols), you’ll see zealous Trump-Christians carrying ‘Jesus Saves’ signs, and raising crosses and sporting T-shirts with Bibles on the front of them. Tragically, too many American churches have become aggregators for Trumpist organisers, rendering sincere but gullible believers tools in Trump’s delusional power-grab….


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One element of the “treatment” for white Christian nationalism is doubt, as I explain in my new book, Faith After Doubt.