More response to the health care letter …

This email (in response to my previous open letter) reflects what a lot of people feel …

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you very much for your open letter. It said so much of what I have been feeling and thinking with great eloquence and simplicity. I have been afraid to speak out as most of my friends as “hard right” conservatives with some believing vehemently every conspiracy theory imaginable. Your letter gave me courage and I have posted a link to it on my facebook account. No doubt I will get some hazing….!
During the recent years I have been disheartened and discouraged by how so many high profile Christians have acted. The 2008 election brought a new wave of shame as I saw the vitriol and hate ramp up. I thought it couldn’t get much worse but the current health care reform debate, specifically the disgraceful conduct of people at the town halls, have sadly, proven me wrong.
I have shed tears in prayer over the terrible witness of professing Christians. I must admit I was losing hope that things could ever change in this country. The honesty in your letter has reminded me that God is indeed faithful. That His timing is perfect and that His purposes sure. I will continue to pray and continue to hope. To strive to live according to the Word and the teachings of our Lord.
Above all – I will continue to strive to live according to the commandment that God gave us. To love others as we love ourselves.
Lastly – thank you for showing me that there are some conservative Christians who are not racist, gun toting, vein popping people with toxic anger! And thank you for reminding me to pray for these people the most. May God have mercy on His children and may we continue to be salt to the world.