More on Naked Spirituality – plus a generous gift:

A reader writes:

I heard Brian speak in September 2015 and talked to him after his workshop on Naked Spirituality. I have found the workshop and the book so helpful!
This fall I am leading a small study group on the book for my church. Therefore, I have been making some summary and outline charts of the book to give people an overview. (As a person with some mild ADD, and also being a poor auditory learner, I have to write everything down or I can’t remember and keep things straight. So, over the years I’ve made lots of charts for things that I want to remember because of their importance.)
Anyway, I have no idea if you would ever have any use for these summary charts, but I have attached the charts for you. It’s my way of saying “Thanks, Brian!”
Your approach to prayer is practical and simple, yet has great depth with profound and fresh ideas. The book has transformed my prayer life, and for the first time in 66 years I can say I have a regular, meaningful, and yes, fun, prayer life that I look forward to. I think the chapters and prayers in the Perplexity section are the best I have ever read — and I mean EVER! Frankly, the book is worth buying just for that section alone! However the whole book is wonderful! I really think the first 3 chapters have helped me be much more aware of God and thus to be thankful and in awe of God and Life throughout the day — and that is actually saying a lot as I have had depression much of my life, and a rather negative outlook in addition.
Keep writing and speaking, Brian! Your insights and voice are desperately needed in the faith community! I will keep praying for you!

Thanks so much for this encouragement!
It comes at a good time – after yesterday’s post where I referred to Naked Spirituality.
I’m happy to share this helpful chart here:
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