Making Your Front Lawn a Place of Grace

Years ago, I learned from Joseph Myers about public, social, personal, and intimate spaces and their power to heal and help.
Inspired by the concept, in my previous neighborhood, my wife and I decided to invest in a seating area – not in the back yard, but in the front yard. It became a place where I’d go to sit in the morning or evening to have a cup of coffee, read a book, etc. Because it was in the front yard, neighbors would say hi and come and have a seat. Many wonderful conversation happened there, and in a small way, I think we enriched the sense of community in our neighborhood by contributing that space. I’ve done something similar where I live now … putting a simple bench out front that says, “Feel free to stop by and chat.”
This article from Mustard Seed Associates does a wonderful job of helping you imagine how your front yard can become a place of hospitality, connection, friendliness, and grace.
It’s a simple thing, but simple things add up, you know?