Listen to Dave, not Donald …

My friend Dave Andrews recently wrote an excellent book on Muslim-Christian relations (and more). It’s called The Jihad of Jesus.
Dave recently sent this note to his Muslim and non-Muslim friends in the US in light of the disturbing rise in Islamophobic and nativist rhetoric here.

It was wonderful to meet you while I was in the USA.
I am most grateful for your hospitality, friendship and fellowship
I thank God for the great interfaith engagement you are involved in and am writing to you to encourage you to keep up the good work – overcoming evil with good.
I beg of you that you continue to resist the mischief makers and continue to embrace one another, open your arms to make space for the other and to welcome one another; wrap your arms around each other, to comfort one another, and to keep one another safe. For it is most important to do it, when it is most difficult to do.
God bless you. Your brother from Australia, Dave

It is most important when it is most difficult to do … amen. Overcome evil with good … amen! If you wanted to read (or give) 2 books on Christian identity in relation to people of other faiths, along with Dave’s excellent book, you might be interested in Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?