Links Roundup …

Wow – if you haven’t seen Alter Video Magazine, it’s excellent. Check it out here.
And I also just learned about the Peaceful Christian website … No doubt this is needed!
A trusted friend in Egypt gives an update on the situation there.
“Why don’t more Muslims denounce violence and terrorism?” many people ask. The truth is, they’re doing so constantly, but nobody listens. Here’s a collection of Muslim voices denouncing violence and terrorism.
Bill Dahl reviews Naked Spirituality … here.
And this isn’t a link, but it’s an encouraging note from a reader:

my reason for this e-mail is simply to give my heartfelt support to brian in his endeavors. his books have changed my life, and the life of many those i’ve come into contact with. my journey has been (and will continue to be) a long and dramatic one, yet i am certain that i am growing closer to christ and becoming a better representative of his love and message of good news to the world as a direct result of brian’s works (and perhaps a little bit of help by the holy spirit).
in the midst of the critically important conversations surrounding doctrines of heaven and hell, salvation, and the ‘correct’ interpretation of scripture, i know that brian is hearing a lot of critique in the dialogue. my desire is to simply say to brian, ‘thank you!’ for being bold enough to embark on this journey over the years, and ‘keep it up!’ as so very many of us glean wisdom and inspiration through his work.
of course, i have much more to say (i’m even more long-winded than he is); but this will suffice. please do pass this e-mail on to him, if possible. a little encouragement can go a long way when you’re getting your ass kicked for seeking truth. i know.

I share this in hopes that a lot of folks who are getting kicked around for asking questions will feel some encouragement too.