Links Round-Up

Wow – lots of good things are going on at Emergent Village. If you haven’t signed up for the daily email MINemergent, it’s really worthwhile. The Moltmann podcasts are tremendous. And Julie Clawson (a gifted writer/thinker/leader you should get to know if you don’t already) reports on a fascinating new project – The Faith Collaboratory.
Here’s a heartbreaking and insightful post about the state of religious communication these days … (Thanks, Rick!)
My friend Chuck Collins gets it right on Tax Dodgers and the Deficit … here. And here’s my Huffington Post piece on the deficit issue.
A good article on America’s Four Gods …
David Gushee helpfully complexifies the legal issue of gay marriage by showing the tensions between John Lock and Christendom (note: Christendom does not equal Christian faith), here.