Links round-up

Here are a whole bunch of links that I’ve found interesting lately …

On the election:

My friend Alan Bean has some strong words for white Evangelicals here.
My friend (and neighbor) Dave Anderson offers some pastoral words for conservative Evangelicals here.
The good people at Faith and Public Life, Sojourners, and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good just released a really important report on what we can learn about the American religious landscape from their post-election survey. Very interesting and important – here.

For a laugh:

Here’s the famous prayer scene from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Some inspiration:

Karen Armstrong is leading an initiative to create a Charter for Compassion. Here’s a short video, and links to ways you can get involved and help create it …

On music:

This week I wanted to go to a concert by Bifrost but missed it. You can hear some of their music here.
For my fellow Bruce Cockburn fans – here’s a great podcast.

On human sexuality:

My friend Tony Jones is going to be part of a beliefnet dialogue about gay marriage this week. You can find links and reflections here
Andrew Lang introduces an important paper he wrote on the subject of homosexuality and Christian tradition here …
My friend Graeme Codrington wrote a courageous article called What the Bible says about Homosexuality. It stirred up a lot of hot controversy, and Graeme graciously invited a more civil dialogue here.
I hope my conservative friends will give a compassionate hearing to Keith Olberman’s recent special comment on Proposition 8 in California. Your mind probably won’t be changed, but perhaps it will be informed so you can better understand those of us who cannot follow the standard conservative line on the issue.

Are you Catholic?

Here’s a great article on the Kingdom of God, especially for Catholics, here. My books SMJ and EMC along with SWFOI all deal extensively with the subject as well.
Please spread the word about the first “catholic emergent” event being hosted by Father Richard Rohr … info here. Richard and I will be joined by Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, Alexie Torres-Fleming, and I hope by you as well – whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, or “other.”