Last week, this week, a needed resource

Last week was a special pleasure – being with an Episcopal-sponsored gathering in Minneapolis and then with Episcopal Village in Baltimore.
In a couple of public settings, plus in several private conversations, I kept hearing how people are struggling with the Bible. How do we deal with the violent passages in the Bible? How about science-Bible conflicts (including conflicts about how we look at human sexuality)? How can we keep the Bible being used in the cause of injustice?
Each of these conversations had obvious connections to my 2010 book, A New Kind of Christianity … but also with the series of podcasts I put online earlier this year, which provide an overview of the whole Bible.
You can download the first three for free, and all 51 (a year’s worth) are only $19.95. It’s over 15 hours of input, in 20-minute segments … I hope a lot of folks will find it helpful.