Joy to the ???

The salvation proclaimed by Christ was very earthy and earthly … He didn’t teach us to pray, “May we come to your kingdom in heaven when we die, where your will is done, unlike earth,” but rather, “May your kingdom come (to earth), and may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
With that in mind, here’s a wonderful summary of faith-community efforts for the environment:

Climate science challenges our theologies. Everyone has a theology, which is simply our idea about how the universe works and our role in it. By suggesting that maybe we have some role in the weather and might actually be changing how the earth works in a way that will change the kind of world our grandchildren will live in, in a way our ancestors who wrote the Bible couldn’t have imagined – that’s unsettling, scary stuff. The more we can acknowledge that people are deeply threatened by this information and be whole and honest in our broken-heartedness together, that’s the way to have a real conversation about climate science.

I’ve written on this subject from a Christian standpoint in Everything Must Change. For a powerful Hindu engagement with climate – with a message for us all – see Carbon Dharma, here: