John 14:6

Yesterday I did a radio interview by someone who asked me about John 14:6, which brought to mind this note I received recently.

I stumbled upon your website while preparing for my Sunday morning adult Bible class. We’re studying the Gospel of John and your paper, “A Reading of John 14:6,” really challenged me to think deeper about this passage. It prompted in me one of those “eureka” moments, as I have wrestled with this verse for many years when thinking about my friends of different faiths. Good stuff. It reminds me of how remarkable and alive scripture is, day after day, as we grow and mature in faith.
Just wanted to say thanks, and that I look forward to reading more of your material.

That article was expanded, edited, and further developed into Chapter 19 of NKOCy …
You comment about Scripture being “remarkable and alive … day after day, as we grow and mature in faith.” I’ve been feeling that so much in recent days as I’ve been re-reading, in research for my next book, every reference in the Bible to the Holy Spirit. All I can say is amen!