Jane Redmont gets it right …

Jane Redmont has written a beautiful response to Anne Rice. (I wrote a less beautiful one myself.) I just finished Jane’s delightful book “When in Doubt, Sing” – and loved every page, both in content and style.
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Jane’s response to Anne also responds well to a question I received recently:

I heard you a couple of years ago (April 4-5, 2008) in Oak Park, IL as part of the Everything Must Change Tour. I have read many of your books – the New Kind of Christian trilogy, A Generous Orthodoxy, The Secret Message of Jesus, and Everything Must Change. I also agree with most everything you write and am thankful for your prophetic voice among (evangelical) Christianity.
In response to your recent post about Anne Rice – http://brianmclaren.net/archives/blog/my-take-why-i-support-anne-rice.html – I wonder if you would write a post about following Christ without Christ’s church. I’m not sure what we (Anne, you, and me included) mean when we refer to “Christianity” – so I will move to something perhaps more concrete, and perhaps more nebulous – Christ’s church. Can one follow Christ without being part of his church?