Israel, Hamas, humanity, decency, and escape from cycles of violence

So many have had so much to say about the catastrophe unfolding in Israel/Palestine.

Some of what I hear or read feels like it will only intensify the conditions that lead to cycles of hate, fear, and violence.

That’s why it’s so important to point out positive examples that point a way beyond the current agony. Nobody can say the perfect words, the one magic thing that will fix everything … but thank God for people who speak words that reject violence, not just by “them,” but also by “us.”

Here are some of the voices that have felt liberating and healing to me … even in the midst of great pain:

This, from Kari Stover:

This, from Valarie Kaur:

A series of statements from the rabbis of Truah:

A statement from Palestinian Christian leaders:

This poem from Naomi Shahib Nye:


Here’s a piece I wrote for St. Anthony Messenger:

And perhaps this song, sung by two of my granddaughters, will speak to you as well: