Israel, Gaza, truth? Cont’d

Another friend, Elrig, who lives in Israel and cares about justice for Jew, Muslim, and Christian alike, offers more important insights here …
I hope more Americans will crack open the echo-chamber of the US media long enough to hear some voices from outside it. I hope. Here’s what Elrig says:

It is not the goodwill or the intelligence of America that is in question, but its ability to get out of the mental prison it has created for itself.

Memorable quote:

Maybe we should start 12 step programs for nations with too much military power.
“Hi. My name is Israel. I am powerless over my own strength and domination of Arabs.”
“Hi. My name is America. I am powerless over the rhetoric of my war on terror and my 700 foreign military bases.”
“Hi. My name is Hamas. I am powerless over belief that violence can repay violence.”
Welcome – have a seat. Now, let’s start with the serenity prayer.

More after the jump on WHAT TO DO to make a difference – see especially #5 if you’re a Christian.

Elrig concludes …

(1) visit;
(2) write to your elected officials (for Americans, very easy through;)
(3) write questions to Obama and vote for questions to Obama on Palestine by going to and “open for questions”
(4) send money to any of the following: Near East Council of Churches, CARE, World Vision, Holy Land Trust, Sabeel, Save the Children Palestine or Human Rights groups;
(5) refuse to be overwhelmed and give up; denounce ‘it’s been going on forever’ fatalistic lies. This mess is OUR (human) making; WE (humans) must fix it. If you’re like me and believe in our powerlessness and the help of a Power Greater Than Ourselves, pray and pray again; but oppose the fatalism of those who use trust in God (“only One can bring peace”) as a commandment to do nothing for peace. Whatever you do which is not passivity (this includes invisible acts in silence) contributes to the struggle for peace and justice.
(6) remain outraged at the waste of violence: regardless of unequal political responsibilities on the two sides, the life of a kid in Gaza = the life of a kid in Sderot = the life of anyone on any side, even narrow-minded anyones.