Initiative 1: Engage & Speak Up!
The first initiative of our Coming Together in Faith on Climate begins immediately after the Pope’s visit on September 24. That weekend, September 25-28, we’re asking people to speak to their clergy persons with a personal message of support, agreement, and commitment … something like this:

Reverend (Rabbi, Imam, etc.) Smith, I wanted to tell you that I agree with Pope Francis about climate change. I believe that caring for God’s beautiful world is part of our spiritual responsibility. I wanted to ask if you a few questions …

Are you already planning to lead our congregation to be involved?
How can I be of help?
Are there other people I should be in touch with?

If your congregation is so large that you can’t get a personal word with your clergy, we hope you’ll write a brief note (attached to a check, of course) and include it in your offering. If your congregation has a Facebook page or blog, speak up there. The first step for all of us is to speak up and identify ourselves as people who care.
If you’re a congregational leader, we’re asking you to speak to your congregation through your sermon, through a prayer, or through a simple statement like this:

Like millions of people, I’ve been deeply impressed by Pope Francis’ leadership on climate change and integral ecology. I want you all to know that I am personally committed to finding climate solutions, and I hope all of you who feel this call to action will join me. I’ll be organizing (a meeting, a Facebook group, etc.) later this week….

What do we hope you’ll do? That’s Initiative 2, which I’ll share tomorrow.