I’m not kidding … can you trump this?

I received this email invitation yesterday:

Pastor Paula along with Mr. Donald Trump would like to extend a special invitation to Brian McLaren for a time of dialogue & leadership meeting with Mr. Trump. This private meeting will take place on Thursday, May 12th, 5:30pm at Trump Tower in NYC.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please confirm availability by Tuesday, May 3rd.

Pastor Paula is Paula White, a televangelist I never heard of until reading the hilarious and excellent book Salvation on the Small Screen by my friend Nadia Bolz-Weber. A televangelist and a tycoon … sounds like a match made in … err, another dimension of reality. Apparently the Donald is serious about reaching out the the religious community. What a crazy world. What a crazy religion. What a crazy country.
I’ll be back from Europe by then. Maybe I should attend?