I’m back in civilization, rested, and about as happy …

as a human being can be. I spent several days last week in Yellowstone, enjoying two of life’s finest pleasures – talking theology (with wonderful conversation partners like Becca Stelle, Pat Kiefert, and Wes Granberg-Michaelson) and fly-fishing for cut-throat trout (catch and release) in the majesty of the United States’ first national park.
This week, Grace and I are hanging out with our younger grand-daughter, our two daughters, and our son-in-law.
It’s hard to believe we’re just over a month away from the release of Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? (Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World). It’s a great time to pre-order the book, and to plan on coming to one of the Cross the Road Tour events that will take place in over a dozen cities this fall. (You can register here …)
I’ve never been more excited about the release of a book … you can see why I have a lot to be happy about, a lot to be grateful for, a lot to look forward to.