If you’ve ever heard me speak, or read one of my books …

You might be interested in the project to which I’ll be devoting increasing amounts of energy in the coming years: Convergence Leadership Project.
Of course, I enjoy traveling and speaking, always seeking to help people catch a vision for what Christian faith and our local churches can become in this critical moment.
But I know that catching a vision is only a first step.
Leaders and congregations need in-depth guidance so they can “migrate” or move forward – theologically, liturgically, missionally, spiritually, and organizationally. They need this guidance over a long enough period of time to break old patterns and establish new ones.
That’s what Convergence Leadership Project is about. As a participant …
– you’ll meet and learn with other creative Christian leaders who are eager to be part of a vital spiritual movement for justice, joy, and peace in these challenging times.
– you’ll engage with challenging online curriculum, organized into eight-week intensives, and be equipped to teach members of your congregation to what you’re learning.
– you’ll create a portfolio of “deliverables” – written plans, liturgical elements, personal statements, and short papers that will help you chart your course for ongoing growth and change.
You can find more information here: https://www.convergenceleadership.org/
We’re about to finish our pilot project, and our new set of intensives begins next month. Maybe you, your pastor, your staff, or other Christian leaders you know might be interested … If so, I hope you’ll check it out.
And if you’re not interested, I would be most grateful if you could pass on this information to leaders and congregations you think could benefit. Thanks!