How I Can Help with Your Christmas Shopping …

Here are six ways I can help you with your Christmas shopping:


  1. The Great Spiritual Migration is now available in paperback!

You can order from Amazon or BN or any quality bookseller.


2.   Way of Life is also now available – it’s a great set of resources for using the Great Spiritual Migration in a four-session book study, small group, or class. It includes a beautifully-produced video introduction to each section of the book,  participants’ guide, and leaders’ guide.  Watch a short video about the resource here.

You can order from Amazon, BN, Abingdon, or any quality bookseller.


3. Seeking Aliveness is an exciting new release. It’s a daily devotional derived from my book We Make the Road by Walking (which would be another great Christmas gift). It provides a one-year overview of the whole Bible – and a fresh (re)introduction to Christian faith – in a format of short daily readings followed by an invitation to prayer, reflection, and action. I think it will make a meaningful gift.

You can order it from Amazon, BN, and any quality bookseller.


4. If you haven’t checked out my web content available for download, you’ll find excellent options here:

“Is Jesus the Only Way?” is a short e-book (50 pages) – just $3.99 – and offers an in-depth reading of John 14:6, one of the Bible’s most oft-(mis)quoted verses.

Songs for a Spiritual Migration is a collection of original songs written for group singing/public worship … a good gift for a worship leader you know, for $18.

Reading the Bible Afresh comes in two volumes, @ $12.50 each ($25 for both). It provides an audio overview of the whole Bible, from four weekend retreats I taught a few years back.

Storyline of the Bible is also a Bible overview, but presented in 40+ 20 minute podcasts, priced at $15.


5. I wrote 4 e-book novellas …

The Girl with the Dove Tattoo

The Word of the Lord to Evangelicals

The Word of the Lord to Republicans

The Word of the Lord to Democrats

They’re playful, fun, a quick read – and only .99 each!


6. And if you’re interested in any of my older books, you’ll find links and information here:

Church on the Other Side – my first book, almost twenty years old now … I often wonder if many churches are just now ready for it.

Finding Faith (re-released as two shorter books, The Search for What Makes Sense and The Search for What is Real) – a book for spiritual seekers and people struggling with doubt.

Trilogy: A New Kind of Christian, The Story We Find Ourselves In, The Last Word and the Word After That – “teaching fiction” that have helped a lot of people rediscover a livable, honest faith.

A Generous Orthodoxy – one of my most influential books.

The Secret Message of Jesus – a great starter book for people interested in my work – it explores the central message of Jesus: the kingdom (reign, commonwealth, dream, or dance) of God.

Everything Must Change – the book I’ve written that has most changed my own life.

Finding Our Way Again – a book about spiritual practices and the spiritual life.

Naked Spirituality – for people who struggle to pray and want to go deeper spiritually.

A New Kind of Christianity – perhaps my most challenging book theologically, raising ten question that are changing Christian faith.

Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? – a book about Christian identity in a multi-faith world, a deeply important subject in these times.

We Make the Road by Walking – a highly readable overview of the Bible, and actually, a “kit” for a year of small group, house church, sermons, etc.