how can a guy get discouraged …

… with readers like this?

i just wanted to thank you for the way your work has played a role in my life.
i am 27 and was raised in the evangelical church. i am the typical story of not really connecting to my faith through that tradition. your writing has been a big part of the story of my life and faith. it has been a big part of my journey that has allowed me to stay connected to my faith and to the church.
i have read some of the critical reactions people have had to you and needless to say i know that your writing must come at a cost to you. i know there must be a lot of painful and dark experiences you know as a result of your work.
i just want to thank you for “paying that cost” and for the way you have helped to teach me to be a more loving, caring, and inclusive christian. your readings have helped me to look for unity and respect instead of conflict and dismissing.
thank you for the role you have played in my story and for being willing to endure some hard things to help those like me.

Thanks for this encouraging note. Really, if it weren’t for folks like you letting me know that they’re being helped, things would get a bit dismal sometimes. Which reminds me that each reader of this blog could – today – send a note of encouragement to somebody who has helped them … so they won’t “grow weary in well-doing,” but will know their “labor in the Lord is not in vain.” Encouraging someone might be the most important thing we do today.