How about a trip to Ireland in August?

Last summer I had a brilliant time in Ireland guesting on a retreat designed and led by my friend Gareth Higgins. It’s a feast for the soul – immersed in storytelling, landscape, creativity and peace. The experience was a profound lesson in how one society is emerging from violent conflict, and an embodiment of how the external process of making peace in the world mirrors the inner journey of becoming whole within.
Gareth is bringing another group of pilgrims back to Ireland in August – just three months from now. He’ll be joined this time by another friend of mine, the amazing musician David Wilcox, and you’re welcome too! I loved this trip, and folk who have attended these trips have considered them life-changing. I think there are important gifts here for anyone who cares about reducing violence and transforming the political culture in the US from despair to hope. The trip is fun too! (There’s music and laughter and new friendships, and you also get to see beautiful mountains and rivers, and drink Guinness (or Irish spring water) in its natural habitat!)
If you’re interested in learning more, you can find the details at