Hillary made a mistake, which provides an opportunity …

My friend Mark Charles explains the mistake here:
The opportunity, to admit the mistake, learn from it, and address the underlying reality of America’s unaddressed injustice towards the original inhabitants of this land, so this will no longer be true:

Unfortunately, the dialogue that is taking place this election cycle is not about broad-based equality or ending racism. The conversation we are having today is about the type of racism we want to settle for. “Do we want Hillary Clinton to work to keep racism as our nation’s implicit bias; or allow Donald Trump to champion racism as our explicit bias?”
After all, isn’t building a wall, banning Muslims, and personally funding a presidential campaign with a fortune made by buying and selling land that has been ethnically cleansed, merely the fruit of a country that has learned all too well how to deal with the “merciless Indian savages” who sometimes get “off the reservation”?