Hi from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We arrived last night in torrential rains. The water level must have come into the trunk of our taxi, as my suitcase was soaked from the bottom up … I’m dressed in clothes that are a bit soggy this morning, but they’ll dry quickly.
I’m really excited about getting out into the countryside today – we’re supposed to visit a church-sponsored maternal-child health clinic, a place I’ve heard great things about. I’m happy to feel some of my Khmer coming back to memory – after virtually no use for 30 years. Yes, no, one, two, three, hello, thank-you, good by, it’s raining, that’s crazy … I’m hungry, it’s beautiful today … one by one the phrases come back. So many good memories come back of our experiences as a church and family welcoming some wonderful Cambodian families into our lives and community back in the early 80’s.
Later in the day I’ll meet with a mix of mission workers, local pastors, and Cambodian Christians. Looking forward to it! Thanks for your prayers …