Hey friends – 4 resources you might be interested in.

With all the absurd craziness of religion-infused government corruption and politically-motivated religious corruption, you might need some resources to help you stay sane. Here are 4:

  1. Why Don’t They Get It? Overcoming Bias in Others (and Yourself). This is a short but substantial e-book that reports on a few years of research into bias. It will help you understand why Trump supporters wouldn’t care if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue and why climate change deniers resist all evidence, including leaky roofs and flooded basements. It may also help you look for logs in your own eye so you can better help others remove their splinters. You can purchase it for the price of a coffee and bagel here.
  2. Cory and the Seventh Story. It’s a beautifully illustrated children’s book, yes, but adults have been loving it too (along with the companion book for adults: The Seventh Story: Us, Them, and the End of Violence). Buy one for your kids or grandkids … or use it for a book discussion group. You’ll find links for both books here. 
  3. Is Jesus the Only Way: A Reading of John 14:6. Another short e-book that goes deep into one of the verses that has been weaponized to hurt a lot of people over the years. It’s only $3.99!
  4. My new book, The Galapagos Islands: A Spiritual Journey, was a delight to write and people are telling me they can feel that delight on every page. It even includes a few of my photographs. I hope you’ll check it out! (By the way, the UK title is God Unbound: Theology in the Wild.) Links here.