Good Friday meditation

I had the pleasure of being home today and was able to attend the Good Friday service at my local parish. Three things stood out to me as the Scriptures were read, the prayers were prayed, and silence was observed.
First, I was struck by what a strong role politics and economics play in the story … from “We have no king but Caesar” to thirty pieces of silver, from “If you release this man, you’re no friend of the emperor” to casting lots for a seamless garment.
Second, I was struck by Jesus’ dignity through it all as one who has counted the cost, who knew what he was walking into back on Palm Sunday, who has struggled and surrendered to the will of God. Even Jesus’ experience of abandonment isn’t something he has to hide or suppress … He is who he is, he feels what he feels, he says what he feels.
And third, I was struck by the man who was crucified beside Jesus … “remember me when you come into your kingdom.” This is the character in the story I identify with most today … a sinful man humbly requesting mercy.