Good (actually, AMAZING) news for music lovers …

In my travels over the years, I’ve heard some absolutely amazing music. One group that stands out is Edge Kingsland in New Zealand. Here’s a press release about their latest:

Edge Kingsland to release ‘Vol. 3: The Common Good’ February 3rd
Auckland worship outfit Edge Kingsland has always prided themselves on a certain amount of reinvention. When it came to writing their third full-length album, they found themselves faced with their challenging evolution yet – taking worship music out of the church.
“There’s a certain functionality that comes with writing worship songs” explains the band, “It’s almost as if you serve an imaginary congregation as you write, keeping the crowd in mind as you pen the lyrics, melody and aesthetic of the thing. And yet, as we sat down to write this new batch of songs, that congregation seemed to be replaced with individuals from our church community, with thoughts of their everyday situations and challenges.”
In his 1984 book The Other Hundred Hours, author Wyn Fountain paints picture of a faith that is bigger than the Sunday pew, a concept he called ‘The whole of life’, a nod to the other hours of our waking lives. As the band gathered in Auckland’s Roundhead Studios to start work on the new album, they soon realised they were penning worship songs for the other hundred hours; songs of devotion for ordinary time.
Drawing upon the dual concept of liturgy, which has its roots in both the church and the works of the public, Edge Vol. 3: The Common Good sees the creative collective describing a faith not confined to the walls of a Sabbath service; a blue-collar God who meets us every day of the week.
Album teaser (video):
Album website with lyrics, artwork, pre-order links and video teasers:

I ordered mine on ITunes and have been listening to it on continuous loop.
Also – for Worship Leaders, if you don’t yet know about Convergence Music Project – here’s the latest:

The Convergence Music Project (CMP) will launch officially in mid April with a batch of 15 songs …
The Convergence Music Project (CMP) will launch officially in mid April with a batch of 15 songs for worship in Mp3, lead sheet, and piano arrangement formats. Please use the following link to opt in to our “early adopters” mailing list if you would like to receive information on this initial product offering.
We are thrilled to be bringing a whole new genre of worship music into being! Imagine an extensive catalogue of great songs, indexed and categorized to make it easy for you to find the exact song you need for a specific moment in worship. Imagine a whole catalogue of songs for worship from diverse traditions and musical styles that will be theologically progressive/expansive and inclusive in terms of language and images. Imagine new, singable songs that move the heart and engage the mind—biblically based songs that promote life-giving spiritual formation, social justice, and the wellbeing of the planet. This is what CMP will be all about.
Our website is not yet fully functional in terms of music being uploaded and available for purchase, but you are welcome to visit our site as we continue to progress and move toward our official launch. The URL is
We also have established a Facebook Page
and encourage you to like it and to join the conversation about CMP. Please contact Bryan Sirchio, CMP’s lead designer, at if you have any questions about CMP. This is going to be a fantastic adventure!