Going to Toronto – Music

I’ll be delivering the Snell Lectures in Toronto these next few days. Hope to see many of you there.
After a recent trip to Tennessee, I received this:

I heard you speak recently at The Buechner Inst. event at King College in Bristol, TN. Your references to Paolo Freire and Ivan Illich were esp. inspiring to me as I spent time at CIDOC in Cuernavaca in 1973 and have been under the influence of Illich ever since. Anyway, Dale Brown handed me a copy of Songs for a Revolution and I’ve been playing Today, Let’s Confess, and If We Don’t Have Love over and over again. I’ve been unable to find the lyrics for Today so if you can direct me to them that’d be greatly appreciated.

So glad you enjoyed the songs. You can download the CD here. And the lyric sheets were available before, but I can’t find them at the moment either! Stay tuned …