Gaza, Day 18

My friend Hannah in Palestine sent another update today. She pointed out how 935 Gazans killed would translate into 200,000 Americans proportionally to total population, of which 65,000 would be children. Can you imagine that kind of death toll in less than 3 weeks?
She spoke of the importance of continuing to raise our voices: “It is
important. It may not seem like it right now, but whenever this does
stop, it will be sooner for the protest. The people of Gaza cannot
afford our inaction.”
She recommends the following sites to learn more and take action: (after the jump)

Take action:
US Campaign to End the Occupation – info on lobbying, protests, and
Donate money for emergency supplies:
Media monitoring / letters to editor:
Buy a Gaza t-shirt, or 10:
This is more long-term, but no better time than now to launch a
boycott campaign against Israel:
Recommended articles:
“What You Don’t Know About Gaza” by Rashid Khalidi:

“A 14-year-old in Gaza Has One Question: Why?” by Eyad El-Sarraj:–+Today%27s+paper+A+to+Z
“Hello, this is the IDF” by Muhammad Ali Khalidi:
For more about the attack on the Samouni house in the Zeitoun
Recommended sources for constant information:
Al Jazeera:
Blog of Sameh Habeeb (journalist in Gaza):
Democracy Now:
Electronic Intifada:
Free Gaza Movement (the folks who have been sending boats to break the
siege for a few months now):
And more. A good combination of news, resources, and action:

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