We motored through the night, waking up at Rabida Island, where we walked the beach and then took our longest snorkeling trip. Then we went to the northwest coast of Santa Cruz Island for a walk on Dragon Hill and learned the story of the near extinction and successful recovery of the land iguanas from which the hill derives its name.

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The red cliffs and sands of Rabida …




After a morning of hiking and snorkeling and walking along the red beach of Rabida, we motored over to Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island.

Dragon Hill from the sea …

We walked along the beach below Dragon Hill -these are sea urchin spines.





When we left the beach, we saw a marine iguana beside the trail, lounging in a succulent plant.

Across the trail, among the tree cactus, a land iguana was eating a cactus fruit.

This is what it was eating.

Farther up the trail, a pair of land iguanas were on a date.

We were climbing the hill slowly … through different vegetation zones, from green to gray.


Land iguana burrows.

Looking down on the Golondrina.


Climbing back down to the beach …

Plastic even makes it here.

Our last night … a chance to thank the crew, our final dinner conversations, sharing pictures and contact information.